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Retired Sled Dog Adoption Success Stories!
We have re-homed 10 sled dogs in the last year!  Check back for continually updated testimonials on where the Snow Buddies are now (and cute pictures of them sleeping on beds and couches across America).

ON CHENA from Sommer and Marcus in sunny CA:  Chena is the perfect addition to our lives. Sarah made the adoption process as easy as it could be - we just had to be at the airport to pick her up. Chena was relatively easy to house break and learned basic commands very quickly. She has been a fantastic running and snuggle buddy from day one, although at first she was quiet and shy around other dogs. Now she howls when she's excited and is an absolute flirt at the dog park. She gets along great with our other dog, Mikey, and he's helped bring out her playful side. She has also become mother to a stray kitten that we adopted; she rarely lets the cat out of her sight, and they often curl up on the bed together. She's truly a wonderful dog, and we are beyond grateful to Snow Buddies for letting us give her an enjoyable retirement.

ON DAIKON from Annie in Steamboat Springs, CO: Daikon is the sweetest Alaskan Husky ever!!! I adopted her from Sarah and Dan 2 1/2 years ago and this amazing Iditarod lead dog has settled into retirement beautifully.  She is best friends with my Golden Retriever Sadie and we all hike together every day.  She loves people, other dogs and is very gentle and sweet with everyone we meet! Sarah and Dan do amazing work with their dogs and adopting Daikon has been a wonderfully happy experience.
ON JOKER  from the Friedman Family in Lovell, Maine:  Joker came to us in September 2016. He is unique, loving and beautiful. He gets along with all of our other dogs and despite his unconventional personality Joker easily adapted to our home and family. He is a dog with more personality than you’d ever expect. It is obvious that the time he spent with Sarah and Dan helped him to become a well balanced and loving pet. Joker now enjoys lounging indoors and going for long walks in Maine.

ON SLIM from the Friedmans : Slim lives up to his nickname of Mr. Fabulous! He came to us in November 2016 at a time when our family was struggling with a cancer diagnosis. He immediately became the bright light of hope in our lives. Slim is often found glued to a dog bed in our home, licking faces all day long. Slim is our dancing prince and we cannot imagine life without him.

The huskies from Snow Buddies make the most lovable pets you could ever imagine. We plan on being a Snow Buddy retirement home for life!