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​Dog Available for Adoption
Always under construction - we have many dogs up for adoption.  There are always sled dogs needing homes, and when one finds a new retirement home, Snow Buddy opens the door for another to come.  We have re-homed 28 sled dogs in the last 7 season! Call for more info! 
ATTI (pronounced Ah-TEE) I am around 11. I am a very affectionate and playful piebald Siberian husky.  New dogs are my favorite thing ever! I am great with kids.
OSCAR I am 10 and Skye is my sister.  We both have a lot of life left and honestly are not really ready for full-blown retirement... it's just that we LOVE being inside so much too that if the right person came along we'd leave the sled dog life forever for a comfy dog bed!  Especially one by the fire.  We don't have to be adopted together but we need to go to a home with another dog.
SKYE  I am 10 and Star is my sister.  Everything STAR said is true... one more thing about me though!  I don't have any teeth left behind my canines and I will need a softer diet the rest of my life -  Either soaked kibble or canned food.  I had a bacteria overgrowth in my mouth but it's all resolved now :).
APACHE  I am 4 years old.  I was surrendered to Snow Buddy when my family lost their home.  I am not a sled dog, I just look a little like one.  We think I am Akita and Husky.  I have been a pet my whole life and I am not great with male dogs.  I could go to a home with no other pets, though I am fine with female dogs, I just play a little rough.